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Answers to the library’s most frequently asked questions

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How many books can students check out?

     Kindergarten and First graders can check out one book at a time. Second – Fifth graders can check out two books at a time.

When are library books due?

    All books are checked out for two weeks and are due on the next library lesson day. If your child has an overdue book or his/her maximum allowed books checked out, he/she may not check out again until they are brought back.

What happens if a book becomes damaged or lost?

     If your a library book is damaged, please do not attempt to fix it yourself. Have your child bring in the book to be assessed by the librarian. She has the proper tools and materials with which to fix the book if the damage is minor. Depending on the amount of damage, a fine may be assessed. If the book is lost, a paper with the replacement price will come home with your child. He/she may not check out a book until all fines are paid.

How do I volunteer in the library?

     If you wish to volunteer in the library, please contact Mrs. Counterman at 281-237-6478 or

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  1. Hi! could you please explain me how to get the login and the password, I do not what to do. the instruction said: Login: username (school ID) and password (kt + first and last initials + 4 randomly assigned numbers – same as school password), but I am lost. Thanks

    • The username and password are provided by the school. Your child’s teacher is able to provide this for you. The kt+first and last initial + 4 randomly assigned numbers is the formula Katy ISD uses to create the password.

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