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  1. Sorry,I was out of town so I just saw your reply. I`m talking about not being able to scroll down to where you can “flip” the pages.

    • Ebooks do not scroll, they “flip” like pages in a book. Where are you having problems with scrolling?

  2. Will these eBooks be available over the summer? If not, do you know any age appropriate places to find some?

  3. How many eBooks can you check out at a time?
    Can you still check out eBooks if you have reached your limit for real books?Please reply!

    • You can check out eBooks even if you have reached your physical book limit! You may check out two eBooks at a time, so it is possible to have four books total out from the library – two physical books and two eBooks. Great question!

        • If you are reading them through the Destiny catalog on your computer (did not check them out), then they will be available immediately after you exit the browser. If you check them out, then they will automatically be checked back in after 2 weeks. If you finish before then, you can hit the “check back in” button.

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